Mike’s mother, Adele, comes to stay and takes Susan to task about her absent-mindedness, poor cooking skills and lack of earning power. Susan is driven to distraction by the constant criticism and tells Mike he needs to defend her. Mike does nothing, however, and when Adele suggests she’ll stay until the baby comes, Susan pretends to go into labour.

Bree sparks an all-out war with Edie when she confronts her about kissing Orson and, when Edie accidentally discovers baby Benjamin’s parentage, she decides to blackmail Bree into doing everything she asks or she’ll spill the beans. But Bree reveals the truth about Benjamin to Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle, explaining Edie’s threats, and all four march down to Edie’s house to disown her.

When Tom and Lynette hire a psychiatrist to observe the family, the wayward Kayla, acts like a model daughter when he’s around, so the psychiatrist suggests she and Lynette spend time together to bond. But things don’t go according to plan and Kayla ends up telling the psychiatrist that her mother hits her.

Gaby discovers drugs in Ellie’s room and realises that she’s not a tattooist. Carlos has to go to the police or he’ll violate his parole but the police are already aware of Ellie’s activities and want to catch her supplier.

Meanwhile, although Katherine has warned Dylan about Wayne, she still continues to see him. Infuriated, Katherine tells Wayne that Dylan isn’t even his daughter…