Mother to mother: Hazel confronts Chas

Hazel‘s got a big heart, but that just means it breaks all the harder when she realises Jackson‘s not really happy about Aaron seeing Flynn. Jackson has been telling everyone that he doesn’t mind Aaron dating another bloke; he told him to, after all. So did Chas and that’s what she tells Hazel when she asks Chas about Flynn. Jackson has accepted that life goes on and so should Hazel. But Hazel’s not convinced; her gut instinct tells her Jackson secretly still wants Aaron – and he does. And Hazel realises she’s right about this when she overhears Jackson talking to his video diary about Aaron and Flynn…

Val’s starting to realise that fostering Amy is going to be more of a challenge than she anticipated. Amy’s been AWOL all day and is found playing tonsil hockey with a boy. She’s been drinking, and so has Hannah, who’s with her. Pollard’s furious, Moira’s mad; but Val laughs off Amy’s misbehaviour. In private, though, she’s fuming.

Andy’s angry, too. He’s gone through his statement with Prior and still feels like he’s the No 1 suspect for the village fire. But Carl has some interesting news for him. He’s gone over his statement, too – and it’s missing information he definitely gave to Henshall.