Is motherhood on the cards for Tori?

Or will Nate bring her baby plans to a screeching halt?

Tori is stunned by Nate’s confession that he doesn’t want kids. The pair go back and forth, but Nate refuses to entertain the idea of ever having children. Tori says it’s a deal breaker and the pair end things. Will Nate have a change of heart or are things between them really over this time?

John recovers outside the Surf Club after being punched by Ash. Marilyn is livid! She demands Kat talk to Ash, but not as his girlfriend, as a police officer! Will Kat have to arrest Ash for his violent actions?

Later, John tells Marilyn he is struggling to move past all the pain he has caused and wants to leave Summer Bay. Will Marilyn support her husband and leave her life in the Bay behind?