Worried about the grieving Carmella, Rebecca asks Oliver to help. Fuelled by guilt over Marco’s death, Oliver vows to do whatever it takes to help Carmella get better, and offers to temporarily move in to support her. Meanwhile, Carmella tries to find the strength to attend Marco’s funeral, but her day is shattered when Marco’s parents lash out at her in their grief. With Libby and Oliver’s help, Carmella rises above the situation. But her longing for comfort results in putting herself in a dangerously intimate situation with Oliver…

As Toadie faces the awful possibility that Callum started the bush fire that killed Marco, Steph isn’t happy to have been seemingly proven right. Elsewhere, Jay tries to cover his tracks by keeping the heat on Callum, and Toadie agrees to take him to the Juvenile Fire Awareness programme. Later, as emotions run high after Marco’s funeral, an afternoon of passion sees Steph drawn deeper into Jay’s dangerous world.

Also, Steve tries to set some limits when he catches Bridget in a compromising position with Declan. However, a loved-up Bridget isn’t interested in slowing things down.

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