Mr Bates arrives back at Downton!

Finally, Mr Bates is freed from prison, meaning that he can now be reuinited with Anna. The two embrace, and arriving back at Downton, everyone is excited to see him back. That is, of course, apart from Thomas…

However, Thomas has bigger things to worry about when he falls into O’Brien’s trap, and sets off on a midnight visit to Jimmy’s room. While embarking on his deeds, he’s caught by Alfred attempting to kiss Jimmy. When Carson finds out about what’s gone on, it looks like Thomas might not have a future at Downton.

Elsewhere, Lord Grantham has to face the prospect of baby Sybil’s Catholic christening, and despite trying his upmost to call a halt to proceedings, he loses his battle to stop the event.

Meanwhile, when his Lordship suggests a woman’s place is in the home, the Dowager offers her support to Edith who wants to become a journalist. She goes to London where she’s taken to lunch by a dashing editor, who charmingly attempts to persuade her to take up his job offer.