Screwball romantic comedies frequently feature strangers brought together by a mutual spark of zaniness, and that’s certainly so for Sam Rockwell’s wacky charmer and Anna Kendrick’s manic goofball here.

The perverse twist is that he’s a hit-man, albeit a killer who’s just sprung a conscience and now only bumps off the people who hire him.

Understandably, she thinks he’s kidding when he says things like, ‘Sorry, I had to kill a guy in the parking lot.’

But with both Tim Roth’s shifty FBI agent and an underworld gang gunning for her new beau, she comes to realise he’s serious. Having a love story play out amid the bullets and mayhem is something of a stretch, but Rockwell and Kendrick’s fizzy chemistry makes it work surprisingly well.

Screening from Sunday 2 July.