Mr Selfridge is back in business

As the action moves to 1914 and war looms, the store is marking its fifth anniversary. While Harry is delighted by his success, he has a battle on his hands to win round estranged wife Rose who returns from America. But he is uncertain about her new friendship with Delphine Day, a racy author who runs a nightclub.

Lady Mae, however, has problems of her own when her husband Lord Loxley turns up. He soon shows his true colours when he closes down her account at the store and she realises he has other cards up his sleeve when she overhears him using devious means to worm his way onto a government military committee.

As a rather chic Agnes returns from a secondment to Paris and is promoted to Head of Display, she locks horns with fussy new Head of Fashion Mr Thackeray, but while Victor is stunned to see her back, a dishevelled Henri has also made a mysterious return to London.

Elsewhere, Chief of Staff Mr Grove is now a father but is struggling to cope with the demands of family life, while his one-time lover Miss Mardle is still hurt by his rejection and asks for time off to visit her dying brother in Geneva, and Kitty, now Head of Cosmetics, goes on a date with journalist Frank.