Mrs Tembe and Heston get cosy!

It’s the day of Heston and Mrs Tembe’s night out stargazing and while Heston has an enormously unwieldy telescope, Mrs Tembe has cooked enough food to feed an army. However, both are useless with directions and soon find themselves in a darkened field with no idea where they have come from or where they are. When odd noises emerge from the darkness, the spooked pair flee until they come to a secluded farmhouse. 

The farmer there, Melvyn, is clearly a bit of a hermit but he’s all too happy to include the pair of interlopers for his evening meal – a surprisingly delectable serving of roadkill. When the pair try to leave, Melvyn insists they stay in his own bed – a lumpy affair. Trapped here for the evening, Mrs Tembe and Heston must agree to share the bed and build a wall between them out of pillows to preserve their senses of propriety. Once back at The Mill, they laugh about it together and Mrs Tembe is thankful that Heston invited her out – a change has done her the world of good.

Meanwhile, Zara hasn’t failed to notice the continued friction between Daniel and Jimmi and, convinced they merely need to talk it through, hatches a plan to throw them together at a networking event that evening. When the pair do run into one another, Daniel tries to make the most of the opportunity, but Jimmi rejects him – after what he’s done, does he think that there’s any way back for them?! Jimmi’s equally as scathing the next day when he sees Zara, warning her that Daniel will hurt her as soon as she lets her guard down. He’s not making that mistake again!

Also, an old mate of Chris’s appears with a very strange request – he wants to help Chris look for aliens with him!