Mrs Tembe and Karen do battle!

Karen wakes up at Heston’s wishing it had all just been a bad dream: she had no idea Heston and Mrs Tembe were so boring! Likewise, Mrs Tembe thinks the Hollins family are vulgar and noisy. At The Mill, both of them are whingeing to Mandy, who loses her cool: they’ve only got one more day to spend together, why not make it fun?! Fun quickly becomes a competition between Karen and Mrs Tembe. Supachef Round 3 it is!

That night, Heston and Mrs Tembe have a positively wonderful time making their extravagant meals, while everything goes wrong for Rob and Karen. Relegated to cooking outside, Rob’s kebabs are alternately soaked and incinerated, while Karen is constantly distracted by calls from Jack and Imogen, which results in her dessert being ruined. It’s painfully obvious who’s won this round and Karen is not happy!

Still fraught, The Name Game then takes an unpleasant turn when Mrs Tembe’s inability to guess her identity gives way to Karen making a snide joke about Mrs Tembe’s marriage. Mrs Tembe takes it surprisingly well – she knows she made a mistake. After Rob has put Karen in her place, the foursome can make up. Maybe they can even do it again some time?

Meanwhile, Al and Jas meet on the way in to The Mill in the morning and have an awkward moment of flirtation. Later, Al is talking about plans with his girlfriend Jackie and Jas wistfully comments on how pleasant it sounds. Maybe they could double-date some time? Al enthusiastically concurs.  Later that night, when he’s supposed to be out with Jackie, Al is instead parked across the street from Jas’s place, watching her house…

Also, Emma’s advice to a lonely old woman ends with an octogenarian chained to a radiator in a protest against a tree being cut down.