Mrs Tembe averts a disaster

Mrs Tembe discovers Ayesha has fireworks indoors and demands she put them somewhere safe. She then tells Heston the hospital trust have agreed to Ruhma working at The Mill – she starts tomorrow! Suddenly, Niamh realises Ayesha’s fireworks are now on the patio where Al has gone for a smoke. Grabbing a fire extinguisher, Mrs Tembe and the others rush outside…

Sid meets a married couple, Mehak and Haridas. Mehak doesn’t speak English so Haridas translates for her. Emma calls her friend who is a multi-lingual Interpreter and gets Mehak to reveal she’s pregnant and that Haridas doesn’t want children. Haridas confesses his brother died of Thalassemia and he can’t risk that happening to his kids. Emma and Sid explain the risk isn’t as high as he thinks and Haridas asks for Mehak’s forgiveness.

Mrs Tembe talks Niamh into becoming the liaison between The Mill and the PPG Group and adopts similar tactics to get Sid to spearhead a campaign to reduce the prescription of antibiotics this winter. But when Daniel and Jimmi hear of it, they explain Howard had been trying to fob those jobs off on someone for ages.