A nervous Mrs Tembe discovers a ‘British Pride Party’ leaflet delivered by neighbour Trevor. The leaflet plagues her all day at work and others notice she seems distracted. When both Heston and Julia ask if she’s OK, Mrs Tembe insists she’s fine. She returns home to find her house daubed in racist graffiti.

Freya sees grouchy patient Marcus Tidwell. Marcus insists Freya just gives him his prescription for beta blockers and Freya gives in. Later, pharmacist Chanda Malik notices Marcus has an inhaler as he has a coughing fit.

Chanda says that if he has the inhaler he shouldn’t be prescribed beta blockers and calls The Mill to complain. Kevin answers the phone and listens to Chanda’s complaint about Dr Wilson.

And Jimmi is caught in the middle when a father’s plans to save his son from a local bully backfire.

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