Mrs Tembe bumps into Andy

Andy panics when he sees his picture on a newspaper. He has an encounter with Mrs Tembe and she tries to help him but he runs off. Later, she sees the picture of Andy on the paper and tells Jimmi this is her homeless man! Jimmi immediately calls Driver. When Andy hears sirens, he scarpers and Driver is incensed.

Howard is all over a patient and Heston tells him off for trying to involve himself in clinical matters. He might have experience of PTSD, but he isn’t trained to deal with it. Howard’s embarrassed and tells Emma he always gets human interactions wrong. Emma tells him they should talk about at the next counselling session, but Howard brushes off the idea.

Thomas calls Al, who comes out to see him after Thomas tells him his friend is having a heart attack. When he finds out she isn’t, he is annoyed and concludes that Thomas is stalking Lara. However, he soon discovers they are half-siblings and share a genetic condition.