Mrs Tembe returns from her holiday bearing gifts but bristles when Marina thinks she’s bought a gift for her and Heston stealing Mrs Tembe’s chance to give the gift to him personally. Her nose is put even further out of joint when she learns that Marina is in charge of The Mill Christmas choir.

Mrs Tembe and Marina have opposing views on appropriate song choices; they try to drag Cherry into their argument but she tries to stay as neutral as possible so they can slug it out themselves. When Marina asks Mrs Tembe to type up some of the song lyrics, she types up the lyrics to her own choices.

Zara is feeling pregnant and fat and nothing Daniel can say seems to make it better – he tells her he has a surprise for her when she gets back from seeing her dad. Later, Daniel conspires with Jimmi and Cherry on exchange of contracts for their houses but Daniel hasn’t even started packing yet.

Later, Daniel shuffles Zara upstairs for a bath in the nick of time before Jimmi and Cherry arrive. When Jimmi expresses doubt about doing all this behind Zara’s back Cherry is surprisingly cutthroat. They ask Daniel if he’s sure about this – he says he’s sure and they exchange contracts.

Also, when Kevin meets a patient who is faking her symptoms to avoid her husband’s appalling driving he helps her see that by protecting him she is putting lives at risk.