Marina arrives at Ian’s house with her suitcases; despite her cheery demeanour and excuses he guesses she hit Heston just like she hit his father. As Marina makes lunch, Ian tells her he was angry at his father for allowing her to humiliate him and reveals she scarred his relationships for life. Marina is mortified and Ian sends her back to her hotel.

Meanwhile, Heston breezes into The Mill with his bravest face but his colleagues guess something’s up. He tells them he and Marina have split up claiming she dumped him and it’s just one of those things. As the gang one by one express their disbelief at Marina and Heston’s split, Mrs Tembe offers Heston tea and sympathy.

Cherry’s on edge and vents to her mum that her seating plan for the wedding is going to fall apart. Her mood is not improved by bumping into Freya at The Icon who she instantly avoids. Cherry is at rock bottom but Paula reassures her that, as long as she’s sure she wants to marry Jimmi, then everything else will be fine.

Also, Daniel helps a patient confront an uncomfortable truth when her father’s grave is desecrated.