Mrs Tembe finds a body!

Mrs Tembe finds a dead man in a car outside The Mill. Trying not to alarm the patients, Mrs Tembe holds a fire alarm to evacuate the surgery, while Heston and Mandy bring the body inside. Elaine and Heston decide to place the body in Howard’s office, as he’s out all morning.

All is fine until Howard’s return, with an ex-colleague from the PCT, who has come to visit The Mill. Heston, Mrs Tembe, Jas, Mandy and Elaine all start a complex route of moving the body from one office to the other to avoid Howard. They’re unable to keep up the ruse, and Heston tells Howard of the dead body.

Not wanting to be shown up in front of his friend, Howard tells them to put the body back in the car. Disgusted by his lack of respect, Mandy and Heston stand against him, and Howard has no option but to fall in with their plans. Howard’s visitor is shown around The Mill, and leaves without suspecting a thing.

Also, Jas wakes up in her new bedsit, wondering to herself how life got like this, and will Rob see through Wes’s lies in time to save Imogen?