Mrs Tembe finds a friend…

Mrs Tembe and Chris are working at a very busy campus: there are patients everywhere, and a huge medical supplies order covers the campus in boxes. As the two work together to resolve the patients, boxes and jobsworthy Barry, they find a closeness and respect for each other they hadn’t realised was there.

Chris asks Mrs Tembe what she’s up to this weekend and her voice cracks as she tries to answer. When Chris finds Mrs Tembe crying, he discovers she’s grieving for the church – maybe she should look for something to fill the void? Later, Chris subtly invites Mrs Tembe along on a youth club outing that weekend – they’re down a helper. Mrs Tembe knows what Chris is doing and gratefully accepts.

Meanwhile, Heston tracks down Liam on campus and tells him the good news about an internship at The Mill which could start as soon as his exams are over. Liam is genuinely delighted and can’t wait for the opportunity to start. 

Elsewhere, Daniel and Zara ask to be swapped so one is at campus while the other stays at The Mill. Howard doesn’t ask why and they don’t tell. There’s only one more day to go before the sex ban is lifted and they’re not taking any chances…

Also, Howard tries to help a colleague’s wife escape from her husband’s controlling ways.