Mrs Tembe gets a big opportunity

Mrs Tembe assumes she’ll be needed at a Partner’s meeting only to be told it’s not appropriate as Daniel and Jimmi are shortlisting the Practice Manager applications. Jimmi and Daniel are surprised to discover they have drawn up the same shortlist – maybe just the two of them as Partners is going to be workable after all. Jimmi then breaks the news to Mrs Tembe that she has secured an interview next week.

Al and Niamh are doing a role play in which she is pretending to be Mo as Al practices ending their relationship. He heads home where all of the earlier advice from Niamh goes out of the window. Mo has bought him a new computer game and wants to order a curry in – two of his favourite things.

Also, Rob investigates when a man urinates on someone’s exterior Christmas decorations. When questioned, Malcolm insists he was paid to do it. Rob updates the victim, Bernard, who accuses his German neighbour Gunther. Prompted by Rob, Bernard calms down and a satisfied Rob leaves Gunthur and Bernard to finally bond.