Mrs Tembe gets a shocking phonecall

Mrs Tembe gets a call from her brother Seretse in Botswana – her face drops as she tells him that she will be there soon. Later, she hears everyone laughing about Howard and defends him. Talk turns to finding a temporary replacement – Emma and Heston hope it’s not Valerie…

Security Guard, Duncan, berates Karen for the long waiting time at the surgery. At work, he complains about the ‘useless woman doctor’ to his manger Mel, and can’t believe his luck when Karen walks into the shop. He lies that she’s stolen some make-up, but Mel realises Duncan’s lying. As he moves menacingly towards her, Jodie suddenly enters and arrests him for making false allegations.

Zara’s packing for Australia until Daniel asks her where their passports are. They both start searching and finally find them. As they are about to drive away Zara is suddenly anxious that she’s forgotten something… Joe! They leap out and race back to the house. 

Also, Andy calls Ayesha who reassures him that everything is going well, but it’s clear that it’s not.