Mrs Tembe gets caught in a love triangle

Mrs Tembe goes for lunch with her neighbours Roy and Sasha. Sasha has recently recovered from cancer and when she reveals she is dating a new man behind Roy’s back, Mrs Tembe is shocked.

Later, Mrs Tembe spots Roy spying on Sasha and realises that he knows she is having an affair. All is revealed when the pair fight and Sasha admits to Mrs Tembe that she never intended to cheat she just wanted to fire Roy up and reignite his passion.

Ayesha has some fun teasing Zara about arranging a mummy’s get together and can’t help but be impressed by new Locum Franc’s obvious charms. That afternoon she attends an alcoholics counselling session with her mum Bren and an annoying counsellor called Ian. As her mum talks, Ayesha can’t help but feel proud of her, despite Ian’s pragmatic scepticism.