Mrs Tembe gives Al some advice

Al crosses paths with an old Professor of his and, after he’s examined him, Mrs Tembe comments that his problem sounds familiar. It takes some convincing, but eventually she tells Al about a condition she has seen before called ‘plague of the fainting goats’. Later, when the professor’s condition strikes again and he collapses, Al convinces him he needs treatment.

Valerie tells Ruhma that she and Ashley have broken up and, when Heston walks in, Valerie realises the door is now open to other suitors. Heston’s horrified and tells her he’s happy staying single. Ruhma listens in and later she and Heston agree to talk. They both agree that going out for dinner isn’t really them and that they should forget the kiss.

Sid tells Mrs Tembe that the antibiotic problem isn’t as bad as she thinks. But Mrs Tembe explains that of course the doctors aren’t going to admit to over-prescribing, so she loads him up with paperwork and tells him he needs to dig deeper.