Mrs Tembe’s friend, Rita, confides in her, explaining that she thinks her husband is smuggling illegal immigrants into the country to make money. Mrs Tembe encourages Rita to talk to her husband but things don’t go as planned when he denies everything and tells her that if she can’t trust him then their marriage is over.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Toni have planned a full day of dance rehearsal together, but when Zara sweeps off to an appointment, Daniel has to take Joe with him. The three of them spend the day together and Daniel and Toni grow closer. Toni tries to downplay her feelings for Daniel while talking to Jimmi, but his manner causes her to wonder whether there might be hope for a relationship yet.

Also, Heston visits Dr Pugh to get his neurological test results. They’ve come back clear, so Dr Pugh wants to refer Heston for further tests in the area of dementia…