Anthony tells Mrs Tembe she should apply for the job at King’s Green. Later, he announces that he’s going to accompany Valerie to her chemo and that he’s had an idea for a fundraising scheme for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Valerie thanks Anthony and Mrs Tembe watches, wondering if she should apply for the job.

Debs tells Ayesha not to feel guilty about calling Social Services – it’s great to see Sierra so happy. She goes on to say that Bren’s in a terrible way. Ayesha says she doesn’t want to get involved and Debs is angered by her response. But when Ayesha explains she still she wants them to be friends, Debs softens.

Adam tells his Granddad that his dad, Martin, has forgotten his birthday. Later, Martin turns up at Grandie’s house, in a state  – if Grandie thinks he’s going to sign the Consent Order which gives Grandie the legal right to act as Adam’s guardian, he’s got another think coming. Later, Sid tells Martin that Grandie has had a heart attack and Martin finally gives Grandie the signed Consent Order.