Mrs Tembe has her hands full!

Wanting control of her own money, Karen says she wants to buy Christmas presents for her family, so Mrs Tembe reluctantly agrees to take her to cashpoint. Karen remembers her pin number but Mrs Tembe fails to notice Karen sneakily pocketing the card. Mrs Tembe’s telling everyone at The Mill that she thinks Karen may have turned a corner in her recovery… as Karen hits the shops with a vengeance!

Mrs Tembe returns home for lunch, looking forward to seeing what Karen has bought, but finds the house empty, as Karen knocks back cocktails at the Icon. When Karen eventually stumbles home with a sleazy guy, Mrs Tembe is furious and phones Rob, who hears a drunken Karen in the background. He offers to come over but Mrs Tembe insists she’s fine and hangs up… before she turns to deal with a giggling Karen.

As Heston hands out an intensive Pantomime rehearsal plan, Jimmi then Zara say they’re backing out – citing lack of time and childcare issues.  That afternoon, Zara visits Theo, an eight-year-old with terminal cancer – she tells him about the panto and that she’s playing Prince Charming. But when Theo says he may not make it, Zara – with Jimmi’s help – treats him to a performance by Ugly Sister Daisy and Prince Charming.

Later, Zara and Jimmi return to The Mill where Zara gives a passionate speech about pulling together for the kids and Heston is delighted.

Also, when Chris discovers a connection between two very different patients, he realises there is an opportunity to help them both.