Mrs Tembe helps a new church member

Kitty arrives at the church hall but her tactless attitude upsets everyone. Later, Kitty reminisces with Mrs Tembe about a time she was knocked out by a blow to the head during a game of hockey and after speaking to Heston, Mrs Tembe discovers she could have a brain injury.

Daniel’s homecoming isn’t what he expected and he’s floored when Zara reveals she has taken Joe to see a paediatrician, Michael, without discussing it with him. As she talks with enthusiasm about Michael, Daniel immediately dislikes him and is even further shocked when Zara announces that she’s disappointed he’s back!

Rob decides to have a day of de-cluttering but he and Karen argue over what to keep and what to throw away. Rob offers a cuppa as a peace offering and Karen soon gets into the spirit of it and even enjoys it!