Mrs Tembe is confronted by Trevor

It’s Sunday morning and while Mrs Tembe goes to church, Trevor is hungover. Cameron asks him if they can go to church too, they always used to with mum – Trevor agrees to take him to a ‘proper C of E church’. They are greeted by Reverend Stanhope, a traditional white vicar, but as they enter Trevor sees black faces among the congregation and pointedly moves away.

As they sing a hymn, Trevor spots Mrs Tembe, who is rattled by his presence. After the service, Mrs Tembe approaches Trevor and Cameron and apologises if she hasn’t been a good Christian. It is all too much for Trevor who tells Mrs Tembe to get her black hands off his son! Everyone recoils and Mrs Tembe is in shock.

Also, when the Hollins family are invited to Rob’s cousins for lunch they discover the once perfect family unit make even them look functional!

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