Already feeling on edge in her own home, Mrs Tembe opens the door to find Trevor standing over Cameron, who tells Mrs Tembe to go back to the jungle. Trevor warns that she’s going to pay for poisoning his son and, later, a van full of men arrive at Trevor’s and start to vandalise Mrs Tembe’s garden.

The gang continue to target Mrs Tembe, who’s shocked to see Cameron reluctantly joining in. Mrs Tembe can’t bring herself to call the police, but when she asks her neighbour Grace for help it’s clear she’s on Trevor’s side. When a firework is posted through Mrs Tembe’s letter box, she hides in her wardrobe.

At that moment, Mrs Tembe spots her traditional Botswanan dress. She recites a passage from the Sermon on the Mount, then goes outside, where she calmly confronts Trevor; what has she ever done to him? He is setting a terrible example for his son. Trevor has no response.

As she walks back into her house, Heston calls and Mrs Tembe breaks down, telling him everything and he’s shocked. She says she will never feel safe here again and vows to return to Botswana.

Zara is worried about whether her embryo has successfully implanted, but Daniel reassures her. When a pregnancy test gives a negative result, Zara wonders whether this is a blessing in disguise; is she really ready to become a mother?