Mrs Tembe arrives at The Mill like a condemned woman, but realises that no one has heard about events the day before, so asks Daniel to be discreet.
Later though, she discovers everyone laughing at the local newspaper and walks out humiliated. She tries to call Heston, and bins any newspapers she sees. Heston calls back and she shares her upset with him.

Heston suggests she think about how self-important she’s been acting recently, stop the self-pity and get on with it. As Mrs Tembe leaves the surgery she finds Daniel showing the others online footage of her downfall. To their surprise she stops, sits down and asks him to play it for her again.

Jack is doing coursework when Imogen enters. They bicker about her drunken mates and she says the wrong thing about him and Zara. Jack meets his tutor Lucy who helps him with his work plan and offers further help if he needs it. Touched by her kindness, he breaks down in tears. Lucy comforts him and then starts to kiss him and Jack responds.

When Jack gets home he finds Rob with Imogen, but doesn’t mention Immie’s party. Then Karen gets home and it’s awkward. Karen asks Jack and Imogen how they’re doing but ignores Rob who takes the hint and heads back to Brian’s. Karen calls Julia and lets her know she’ll be in the next day. Imogen and Jack are surprised by the lack of confrontation.

Meanwhile, Heston is furious when a patient recovering from a heart attack ignores his advice.

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