Mrs Tembe is scandalised by Frank’s past!

Mrs Tembe’s hoovering the church in preparation for a wedding when a man, Frank, turns up and tells her he’s there to meet the love of his life. As teenage sweethearts, he and Catriona were kept apart – one was Catholic, the other Protestant – but they still wrote postcards with secret messages. Frank has since found Cat on the internet and they arranged to meet at the church, adding his wife is dead and Cat’s divorced from her husband.

The trouble is, Cat’s daughter Rebecca has discovered her mum’s having an affair and heads over to the church where she announces to Mrs Tembe that Frank is married and sleeping with his best mate’s wife! Mrs Tembe is scandalised and Rebecca calls Frank the worst kind of scum to betray her dad like that – then Frank drops the bombshell that he is her REAL dad!

Frank explains that it happened when her ‘Dad’ was away working on the rigs and, as Cat arrives, the look on her face confirms it’s true. Mrs Tembe chastises Frank for his actions but he challenges her – doesn’t he deserve to be happy too? Meanwhile, Rebecca issues her mum with an ultimatum – never see Frank again or she wants nothing to do with her. To her shock, Cat chooses Frank.

Outside the church, Frank and Cat kiss and resolve to leave together for Blackpool but he can tell Cat will regret missing out on Rebecca’s life and they agree that now is not the right time to be together. After the wedding, Mrs Tembe finds Frank sitting outside alone and wishes him luck.

Also, Rob and Karen embarrass themselves at the cinema, while Mandy is forced to defend her relationship with Lois.