Mrs Tembe, Niamh and Ayesha help Reverend Hogan clean the church hall for a WI meeting. Ayesha meets one member, Ruth, and her partner, Maya, but it’s clear that Reverend Hogan has been avoiding the couple and does not wish to discuss same-sex marriage. Mrs Tembe agrees – she feels that marriage should be between a man and a woman who love each other. Maya points out that her parents loved each other, but they were also abusive. Ayesha cannot understand how anyone would not support what Maya and Ruth want.

Reverend Hogan admits that he has lacked empathy as a clergyman, but he fears he’s now too old to change. Maya and Ruth are unsurprised to learn that his answer is still no, but believe that if no-one talks about it, nothing will ever change. 

Also, Mrs Tembe realises she judged another WI member, Maureen, too quickly, and asks if she can attend another WI meeting. Maureen’s delighted and offers to put the kettle on.