Mrs Tembe gets a surprise after her life-saving op

Could romance be in the air for a recovering Mrs Tembe?

Mrs Tembe wakes in hospital after surgery. She’s surprised to recognise her porter – it’s JJ, the man she met pheromone-dating with Valerie. He’s surprisingly charming and well-read, and there’s a spark between him and the patient. As her colleagues each visit Mrs Tembe’s bedside, she’s more interested in catching another glimpse of JJ. Has Mrs Tembe found love from her hospital bed?

Emma’s working from home but feeling increasingly crowded by Lena. Wanting time away to clear her head, she looks into booking a cottage. But when Lena spies the website, she gets the wrong idea and is crushed to learn Emma wants to get away from her. Has the romance between Emma and Lena finally come to an end?