Mrs Tembe’s intrigued when a man explains his surgery is looking for an Assistant Practice Manager. Plus Anthony has already given her a glowing reference. Wounded, Mrs Tembe returns to work where Anthony insists he won’t hold her to working her notice period. A dejected Mrs Tembe makes her decision – she’ll take the job.

Zethan turns up at Campus with severe stomach pains and Sid tells Emma his mother, Lucrecia, is a practising white witch who was suspected of Munchausen’s Syndrome. At the hospital, Sid clocks a couple of seeds on the floor and discovers they’re poisonous. Zethan reveals he’s been eating them as he thought that, if he got sick, he would get to see his dad again.

Bren begs Ayesha to let her have one drink and then turns on her in frustration. By the end of the day, Bren is sobbing in her bed and a helpless Ayesha lies next to her, comforted only by the fact that Bren managed to get through the day without alcohol.