Mrs Tembe makes her decision – and it’s final

Mrs Tembe’s not very pleased when Barbara Land comes into The Mill and appeals for her to come back to St Bernadette’s; they miss her baking and admin skills. She also reckons Reverend Clement misses her and tells Mrs Tembe she knows all about her gay husband as Tina overheard when she was telling Gordon. Mrs Tembe’s horrified to hear everyone knows her business and isn’t reassured when Barbara insists that no one cares and that they want to support her this time.

When Barbara says Gordon’s sermons have been miserable and she’s sure he regrets the break up, this saddens Mrs Tembe. Later, Karen comments on how honesty runs through Mrs Tembe like a stick of rock, prompting her to make a decision. When Barbara calls to say she has pencilled her in for a Church meeting, Mrs Tembe tells her she will definitely not be coming back – it would be selfish of her to upset Gordon with her presence – and that’s final!

Fuming over losing the patent, Al comes into work in a foul mood, which isn’t helped by Mrs Tembe hassling him for his 360 feedback form. Jas suggests he should contact the South Korean company to suggest a collaboration and is later chuffed to hear Al’s received an international call. But when he doesn’t show for afternoon surgery Jas finds him quietly seething: the MD of Hyul Industries said he was a mere amateur who should stick to dispensing haemorrhoid cream.

Jas is sorry but not expecting the tirade of abuse that comes from a furious and devastated Al. She storms off and ignores him when she later heads home – Al feels even worse and when Mrs Tembe reminds him about the 360 form he loses it again before catching himself and stomping back to his office where he proceeds to set fire to the form with his cigarette lighter. As the form burns, the smoke alarm goes off and Al relishes the moment.

Also, when a female patient is attacked at home, Emma thinks she knows who did it, but is her judgement clouded by recent events from her own life?