Mrs Tembe is on hospital volunteer duty when she comes across cheeky patient Curtis and feels sorry that he’s in so much pain. Mrs Tembe is taken by Curtis’s cheeky nature and he enjoys ribbing her mercilessly. He tries his best to convince Mrs Tembe to lend him a tenner for the TV, but she soon realises he’s winding her up.

However later she finds him in a more melancholy mood; he has nothing and no one to help him. He tells her that the nutter who hit him with a cricket bat was a doctor; Mrs Tembe realises Curtis is the man who burgled Heston. She leaves the hospital reeling.

Desperate for Jack and Imogen to maximise their revision time Karen bakes them some nut-enriched flapjacks. Later, Elaine suggests that exercise can help produce endorphins in the brain. Before Elaine knows it Karen has dragged Jack and Imogen to The Mill for her to take them on a power walk! Lycra-ed up Karen is soon exhausted while Jack and Imogen are competitive – and both find that it really helps them to focus and set themselves goals.

Also, when Mandy determines to help a childhood hero with a terminal illness she discovers that life choices aren’t always clear cut.