Mrs Tembe goes to see her new neighbour Trevor and invites herself in to give him a fruitcake and explain about the bins. Inside, she meets his son Cameron and when Trevor’s mobile goes, she is left alone with him. Mrs Tembe tells Cameron about Botswana but when Trevor’s call is finished he makes it clear that it’s time for Mrs Tembe to go. Back at the Mill, Mrs Tembe tells Elaine that in time she’s sure they’ll all become good friends.

At the Campus, Jimmi tells Julia that he’s bought Cherry tickets for a music festival in London to cheer her up, but Cherry says she’s too busy and stressed at the moment. She says she doesn’t know where she stands with him because he suddenly decided he didn’t want to move. Jimmi wonders if he’s losing her.

Jimmi tells Julia that Cherry knows he’s hiding something. Julia says he could show her he loves her by buying her some jewellery… and leaves Jimmi to think about it.

Also, when Karen makes a home visit she’s disturbed to find Santa Claus on the patient’s roof.

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