Mrs Tembe is worried about the lack of morale at work – Jimmi’s in a bad mood, Karen’s upset by all the Treehouse events and Emma can barely stay awake. She tells Howard she would like to launch a Happiness Project and he’s forced to agree.

Karen is on a loo break and when she hears a young girl, Sabiya, shouting her baby is coming. Karen rushes off to get Al but, when he arrives, Sabiya runs off. Al tracks her down and takes her back to the hospital to get checked out and deal with the social workers. But she disappears again after signing the papers for the baby to go into foster care.

Elsewhere, Hayden introduces himself to Emma, who invites him for dinner tonight. Niamh returns home to find a chicken defrosting in the sink and the sound of laughter coming from upstairs. Emma insists Niamh shouldn’t spoil Ayesha and Hayden’s fun. Sinking back into the sofa, Emma promises she’ll get the dinner on – at some point!