Mrs Tembe is nervous about her food presentation

Will JJ be able to be a calming influence?

Mrs Tembe is at home preparing for her important food presentation for St Phil’s hospital. As Mrs Tembe continues to become increasingly stressed about her presentation, JJ plays the dutiful boyfriend and calms her down.

Later, JJ arranges to meet renowned chef Luke Armannsson and convinces the culinary connoisseur to sample Mrs Tembe’s food. Will he give Mrs Tembe’s recipes the thumbs up? Or will he tell her to go back to the cutting board?

Meanwhile, Karen corners Heston, demanding to know the details of the dinner party last week. Karen’s hoping that Heston think JJ is no good for Mrs Tembe and they can hatch a plan to break them up. Will Heston tell Karen what she wants to hear and go along with her plan?