Mrs Tembe offends Josh… again!

Mrs Tembe invites Josh to her house for a cookery lesson, where they’ll be making a stew that’s famous in her home country. Josh has spent the last of his cash on a bottle of wine – he isn’t comfortable sponging off Mrs Tembe and wanted to contribute something – but she says she’s happy to help. Mrs Tembe has been thinking about Josh’s natural flair for cooking and how many catering jobs there are out there and she think he should look for a job.

Over dinner, Mrs Tembe hands Josh a newspaper, in which she’s circled some vacancies. Josh doesn’t think he stands a chance of getting a job with his criminal record and snaps – he is the bogey man, no one will give him a chance! Mrs Tembe’s a little shaken by Josh’s aggression and he soon apologises – she didn’t deserve harsh words after all her kindness but, if it’s OK with her, he’ll leave now and eat at home. Mrs Tembe accepts this and sits down to her dinner, alone…

Also, Jimmi and Rob encounter a vulnerable old lady who is put in danger when her carer becomes the victim of a serious attack.