Mrs Tembe walks into reception where Karen and Jas are talking about her. Mrs Tembe hates to be the subject of gossip and have her reputation tarnished, but realises she’s brought this on herself. Karen’s thrown when Mrs Tembe allows her to tell everyone the truth.

Heston’s back from Tuscany and Howard’s filling him in on everything he’s missed when Mrs Tembe interrupts and, summoning all her pride, admits she has been employed here under false pretences. She claimed on her application form to be a widow and she’s not which, she understands, completely undermines her reputation and her integrity.  With that in mind, she is willing to resign with no severance pay.

Howard and Heston decide that unless she’s made any material gain or broken the law with her deceit then it bears no relevance on her position at The Mill. What they need is an excellent receptionist and administrator who deals fairly and honestly with their patients and respects their confidentiality. That is what they have; the rest is her own business. Mrs Tembe is humbled.

Meanwhile, Jimmi’s supposed to be working on a case with O’Neil but she calls in sick, citing stress. When he goes round to see her she admits she was raped by Dave. Jimmi feels professionally compromised when she refuses to go to the rape suite and asks him to take all the relevant samples at her home. Jimmi has no choice but to refuse and O’Neil challenges him – does he think she’s making it up?

Also, Kevin’s ego threatens to ruin his chances when he is nominated for ‘Young GP of The Year’.