Josh and Mrs Tembe are having a nice time chatting in the Church Café when Mrs Tembe decides to ask him why he raped those women – if they’re to be friends, she needs to understand him. In a panic, Josh tries to change the subject before rushing to the toilet. When he emerges, he’s gutted to find Mrs Tembe’s still there and accuses her of trying to be his counsellor and judge rather than friend – would she ask this of all of her friends?

Mrs Tembe genuinely thinks she would but Josh can’t believe she would attack him like this, as he gestures to a cross on the wall, with God staring at him. If this is how she treats her friends then she can forget the whole thing and, as he walks out, Mrs Tembe is left realising she’s gone too far.

Zara arrives at the Churchill Estate looking for Jade and is pleasantly surprised when she impresses Jade and her friends with her designer heels. When Zara explains she’s there to talk about breastfeeding, Jade is immediately scornful – she doesn’t want saggy boobs and doesn’t want everyone to think she’s weird, plus none of the boys would touch her again!

Zara’s about to drive away she spots a young mum bottle-feeding her baby and marches back to Jade – she’s entitled to make her own choice, but she needs all of the facts first and suggests a one-off event with games and freebies, and Jade and her mates just have to listen. Jade agrees – providing Zara brings some of her designer shoes. It’s a deal!

Also, following the death of their child, Mandy tries to help a grieving couple when a devastating secret threatens to pull them further apart.