Mrs Tembe reassures Barry before his date

It’s early morning and Barry, in full Medieval garb carefully unwraps a sword – he swishes it about and lunges, before almost doing himself an injury. Arriving at the Campus surgery, Howard can’t help but laugh but Mrs Tembe kindly repairs a fallen hem for him. 

Arriving at Letherbridge Castle, Barry meets Matilda but is disappointed to find that the battle re-enactment plans have been downscaled. Matilda introduces Barry to the group, but he’s left feeling completely underwhelmed. And when it’s time to go it’s clear that Matilda is disappointed in her date too. Barry watches her leave then suddenly runs after her and offers to pledge his allegiance to her. Matilda is delighted and kisses him!

Also, with Isla in jeopardy and time running out to find Cole, Rob tries to crack Hatchley’s defences under growing pressure from an anxious Jimmi.