Mrs Tembe gets a number of frightening phone calls at The Mill. Suddenly, Mrs Tembe hears someone singing and realises it’s the man who has been harassing her. He speeds off on his bike only to be hit by a van. Mrs Tembe tries to help him, and when he spits in her face she ignores it and continues tending to him.

Howard and Emma make plans to go wine tasting and they kiss, just as Karen walks in. Karen’s excited by this new piece of gossip, and wastes no time telling Ayesha, who in turn tells Jimmi. But Jimmi thinks that Howard will eventually choose to settle down with someone younger. Later, Emma startles Howard by asking him if she is too old for him and despite his reply she is not entirely reassured.

When Niamh gets back from her day of house calls, she finds out that someone called Sean was looking for her… and she rushes to find him. They hug and she brings him back to The Mill, introducing him as her younger brother.