Mrs Tembe’s fire drill goes awry

Howard telephones Mrs Tembe to remind her that a fire drill is scheduled for the afternoon, but when she bends to pick up a cigarette butt, she does her back in and tells Sid he must lead the drill. Mrs Tembe manages to stagger into reception and activate the fire alarm siren – right on time! 

Sid makes his way round The Mill, calmly asking everyone to vacate the premises. Al and Sid carry Mrs Tembe out of the building, and everyone congratulates Sid on doing a great job. But when Al jokes that Sid is in the wrong job he takes it to heart and suddenly feels very isolated.

Meanwhile, Zara returns after spending the night at Michael’s house to find Daniel too upset to listen to her. The events of the night before keep playing on her mind, when Michael warned her that his feelings for her are genuine and, despite nothing happening between them, Zara was tempted. Emma is shocked when Zara admits that she spent the night at Michael’s house and, alone in her office, she breaks down.