Mrs Tembe says farewell to The Mill

Mrs Tembe has stayed with Heston, who goes back home with her so she can pack for her trip to Botswana. Meanwhile, Rob pays Trevor a visit and politely encourages him to leave town. Later, Heston and Mrs Tembe arrive home to find Trevor and Cameron packing and Cameron waves goodbye.

Heston takes Mrs Tembe to The Mill where she insists on getting everything into order before she leaves. She later reveals she tried talking to Kevin who didn’t understand. Heston sees Mrs Tembe into a taxi and asks her if she is coming back. She can’t say…

Imogen is incensed when Jack is let off family therapy because he’s working; Rob backs out as well so it’s just Imogen and Karen that go to see Elaine. Karen’s annoyed that Imogen blames everyone else for her problems and when she explodes, Imogen is shocked, but Elaine encourages Karen to let it all out.

Later, Karen and Imogen pick Rob up from the police station – the atmosphere is obvious and Imogen says she will walk home.

Also, when Cherry decides to play matchmaker she runs into an old adversary.