Mrs Tembe stays strong for the team

The crash team take Howard’s body as Ruhma helps Emma to her feet but, unable to accept that this is the last time she will see his face, she passes out from the shock of the ordeal. Karen breaks down and tells Rob how she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him and what she would do if she lost him.

Niamh guides Emma down the corridor in a bid to leave the hospital. They pass the point where Howard died and Emma questions whether anything could have prevented it. Niamh insists that there isn’t but it’s of little comfort to Emma.

Mrs Tembe applauds the staff for all for their strength and professionalism after such horrendous news before making her way to Howard’s office and affording herself a small moment of grief for her boss and friend.

Also, in his consultation with Sid, Sandy is given some life-changing news; he has a genetic condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – his rugby career is finished. His girlfriend encourages him to think of his current club’s youth team and suggests that he helps out there as he’s particularly skilled with children.