Mrs Tembe returns to The Mill as Practice Manager – complete with a new look. However, she soon realises how difficult management can be when she has multiple tasks to do and is hounded throughout the day by Valerie’s ex Ashley regarding the Patient Participation Group. 

Karen meets Ray at the Campus surgery – a vulnerable patient with bad feet, whose dad John apparently wants nothing to do with him. At John’s house, Dale and Karen learn that Ray’s mother walked out, which is why John didn’t want to get in touch with Ray. Back at the surgery, Ray learns that he’s suffering with trenchfoot and he and his dad agree to travel to Australia to find his mum.

Emma rushes to Rhiannon’s when she calls explaining her contractions have started but, when she gets there, she realises Rhiannon actually just has indigestion. Emma phones Jane to say that the stress of not knowing what’s happening is putting pressure on Rhiannon, so they need to sort the case conference now. Soon after, Emma gets a call – the case conference is on for tomorrow!