Can Mrs Tembe support JJ?

JJ needs a confidence boost after losing his job

Mrs Tembe tries to bolster JJ’s confidence, as he’s down in the dumps about not finding job. Mrs Tembe then tells JJ she won’t let him starve if he can’t find a job, which dents his ego. With nothing to do, JJ turns up at The Mill unexpectedly to have lunch with Mrs Tembe but she says she’s busy, so he heads back home and decides to make himself useful by tending to Mrs Tembe’s garden. However, he digs up one her favourite plants! How will Mrs Tembe react?

Also, when Ayesha finds Valerie looking at attractive men online, Valerie quickly tells Ayesha she’s looking for sperm donors. Ayesha tells Valerie there’s one problem with her search – all the men she’s looking at as potential donors are based in the US. Will Valerie find a donor closer to home?