Mrs Tembe organises a team-building day!

Will everyone appreciate her efforts?

Mrs Tembe organises a team building day at a circus workshop for her, Heston, Ruhma, Valerie, Ayesha, Daniel and Karen. The day starts off on a good note with everyone trying different activities including Karen and Ruhma walking a tight rope. However, Valerie can’t take her mind off of Ashley and his latest act of betrayal. Ayesha is determined to cheer Valerie up and encourages her to throw herself into the team-building day. Valerie takes Ayesha’s advice and finds that she has hidden talents as a gymnast. All is going well until Daniel unfairly takes out his frustrations on Valerie…

Back at The Mill, Emma is reading every leaflet she can to prepare for her LGBTQIA+ course tomorrow. Emma calls Zara for moral support, but Zara makes fun of her and says she has been for her real-life experience! At home, Emma continues to read her leaflets when her latest lodger, Ian, comes down the stairs. He asks Emma what she’s reading and she says it’s dull paper work. Ian begins to flirt with Emma – but will she pick up on the signals?