Mrs Tembe tells Kevin to man up!

Howard tries to keep Kevin’s mind off Freya by keeping him busy at The Mill. At first, Kevin rises to the challenge, speeding through patients, alarming Mrs Tembe who begs him to slow down. Then rude, racist patient Darren arrives. Kevin recognises him and panics. In the consultation, it’s clear Darren used to bully Kevin when he was young. Kevin tries to get on with his job but when he expresses concern that Darren could have cardiac arrhythmia Darren ups the pressure.

Darren just needs Kevin to sign a fit for work certificate. Kevin refuses and doesn’t back down under Darren’s racist remarks. Darren leaves but collapses on his way out. Mrs Tembe asks Kevin to come help him but he refuses. Mrs Tembe gets angry; he has a job to do and if Freya was here she’d tell him to man up!

Kevin treats Darren who, as he is led out to the ambulance, nods to Kevin in thanks. Mrs Tembe tells Kevin that Freya would be proud.

Also, Elaine goes back to school to hold a careers seminar but the teacher is more in need of her help than the students.