Mrs Tembe tries to save suicidal Josh

After her humiliating evening at the Luscious Lace party, Mrs Tembe seeks solace in the church at lunchtime and goes to pray. But when a man comes in, visibly agitated, and creates lots of disruption, Mrs Tembe takes her frustrations out on the man, and he leaves. When she’s walking back to The Mill, she passes by a tall building and sees the man – it’s Josh and he’s stood on the edge of the roof. 

As she calls the police, Mrs Tembe races to speak to Josh, who’s clearly distressed, and speaks of ending his life. A calm Mrs Tembe notes that he’s obviously a man of faith if he tried to come to church in such a point of distress. She then recites the Lord’s Prayer, loudly, when he looks most at risk, and eventually Josh comes down and joins her. When Rob arrives at the scene, Mrs Tembe smiles coolly and introduces her new friend, Josh.

Meanwhile, the partners are holding interviews for a new doctor to replace Jas – but Karen’s messed up the scheduling and invited ALL the candidates for the same time! Two of them instantly stand out – the sparky, motor-mouthed Irish Niamh, who befriends the gothy, geeky Fallon. Niamh charms everybody and Al is intrigued by the mysterious Dr Fallon. As the partners choose their preferred candidate, who will be returning to The Mill?

Also, Rob interviews a distressed woman who seems to have escaped her captors – but can he get her to give evidence before she is released?