Mrs Tembe visits a care home

Nursing home resident Herb is convinced his wife Joan, who died a couple of months ago, was murdered. The manager, Muriel, admits that she fears Joan took her own life but she kept quiet about it because she didn’t want to distress Herb. Mrs Tembe says that it is distressing Herb not knowing the truth – she needs to talk to him and tell him what she knows.

At first, Herb does not believe what Muriel’s saying but slowly it starts to make sense and he admits he’s finding it hard living without Joan.

That evening, Herb emerges from his room and surprises everyone by taking part in the Bingo – and winning! He’s touched to earn himself a round of applause from the residents. The next morning, Muriel goes into Herb’s room to wake him and is shocked and saddened to find that he has died in the night – she takes some comfort in the fact that he has a smile on his face.